Camp William Penn Black History Program

Black History program to be held at the La Mott Community Center on
Dr. Anthony Waskie will speak about civil rights leader and hero, Octavius
V. Catto. Dr. James Paradis will discuss the three 6th regiment USCT
Heroes depicted in the "Three Medals of Honor" painting by Don Troiani which was
unveiled at the Philadelphia Union League this past summer.
Lucretia Mott (Kerry Bryan) and a number of USCT re-enactors will be
present to meet and greet. Civil War music interludes and sing-a-long will be led
by re-enactors Joe Becton and Antoine Watts.
Citizens for the Restoration of Historical La Mott and
The Camp William Penn Museum
1618 Willow Avenue
La Mott, PA 19017
215 885-2258

Sat Feb 23, 2014 3:00pm Eastern Time
La Mott Community Center, Philadelphia, PA, United States (map)
Sable Soldiers - 1st Rhode Island and 6th USCT Regiments
(Guest list has been hidden at organizer's request)
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