United States Colored Troops Civil War Weekend

United States Colored Troops at Fort Mifflin commemorate 150th anniversary of the formation of the USCT during the Civil War, in 1863. The 3rd USCT invites all to come to share and learn the forgotten stories of the most tumultuous period of our nation's history. Re-enactors, authors, and other experts tell the stories of the African Americans during the Civil War, their struggles to serve, for citizenship, for equal pay, for good equipment and freedom.

The activities at the fort will include: fort tours, historic Impressionists, exhibits, weapons demonstrations, interactive programs, videos, films, lectures and first person impressions.

Participating Units//reenactors  in the roles of :
Historically Colored Unit (HCU) - black or black and First Nations
White (WHT) - units or commissioned officers
HCU : 3rd USCT, 6th USCT, 22nd USCT, 54th Mass., NY USCT Regiments
WHT : to be announced
More info http://fortmifflin.us/upcoming-events/                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
When    Sat Apr 6 10:00 – Sun Apr 7, 2013 16:00 Eastern Time/

Fort Mifflin Road Philadelphia PA 19143 (map)
3rd Regiment USCT Contact Info)
With price of admission*
  • Pvt. Joseph W. Becton, Coordinator,   215-878-8961
  • Sgt/Major Joseph H. Lee,  President,   267-575-4734
  • Pvt. Robert F. Houston, Exhibits           215-235-0596.